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H1jet Online

On this page you can run H1jet in your browser, albeit with slightly limited functionality (the user interface is not available). See the manual for more information on each parameter.

General Settings:

Histogram Settings:

Physics Parameters:

These parameters are process-dependent. Note that H1jet uses the Gmu scheme, so that the VEV is given by the Fermi coupling constant and the Weinberg angle by mW and mZ.

Additional Model Parameters:

No additional parameters necessary for the Standard Model.

Simplified SUSY model with two stops in the loops as considered in arXiv:hep-ph/0207010 and arXiv:1806.05598.

Simplified composite Higgs model (where the confinement scale is set to infinity) with a top-partner in the quark loops.

Explicit composite Higgs model (with finite confinement scale) with a top-partner in the quark loops as considered in arXiv:1905.12747.

This interface allows you to specify multiple top-partners running in the loops in the table below. Note that you have to specify the SM top and bottom quarks as well if you wish to include them (they are already added to the table by default).

Mass [GeV] CP-even Yukawa factor CP-odd Yukawa factor Loop approximation